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WabiSabie is a free, simple and user-friendly online service that notifies friends and families of a loved one’s passing and offers them an opportunity to share memories, say their goodbyes and celebrate life.

Accessible online at www.wabisabie.com



People have wide networks of family, friends and colleagues in many countries of the World.  In a digital age and in the global community we live in,  traditional media and communication channels are not able to ensure that when people pass away, everyone that should be informed gets the news at the right time. As the global ageing population approaches end of life, this is becoming a real and growing concern.



With WabiSabie, account holders create a list of everyone they would like to be informed of their passing. These are called LifeLinks.

When the time comes, Trusted Friends nominated from that list of LifeLinks, will confirm the account holder’s passing to WabiSabie.

WabiSabie will then send the Notice of Passing to the account holder’s LifeLinks, ensuring everyone who should be informed is informed. This simple process alleviates the burden for loved ones at an emotional time.

The WabiSabie eWake™, is an online space where friends and family worldwide can then share their memories, say their goodbyes and celebrate a loved one’s life.


Praise for WabiSabie

“People are wanting to talk about how they would like things to be left and who they want to let know when they pass away. They want to take away stress and support their loved ones when they pass away. It’s fairly simple to sign up… and to get that access to information when they pass away and be able to attend their funeral and celebrate their life is something we should all embrace.” The Hon Paul Toole MP, NSW Minister for Lands and Forestry, and Minister for Racing

Hon Paul Toole MP, NSW Minister at the WabiSabie launch in Bathurst

WabiSabie launch event – Zoe Hida, Cr Michael Coote, Paul Toole MP, Owen Palmer, Isao Hida, Sally Palmer, Andrew Gee MP, Anne Davies, Tim Fleming

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