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Assists hospitals in treating patients quicker.

Makes it easier to locate supplies and medications.

Statistics highlight trends as well as detailed usage.

Developed for iOS, Android and online. Not currently available.



Hospital staff can find it difficult to locate medical supplies, especially in the case of an emergency. Some medications are only located in certain wards or in the pharmacy only.



MedWhere uses up to date information to help medical staff locate and find medical supplies. This provides a wide range of benefits for both the staff and patients including:

  • Faster treating times for patients as staff can locate supplies quicker.
  • Better patient outcomes as staff know exactly where to find supplies.
  • More efficient for hospitals if staff have a storing trend of where they leave resources for easy access.
  • Less wastage as staff can find shared resources.

With this mobile app, staff are able to spend less time searching for medical supplies and spend more time tending to patients. It provides valuable data on which medications are most commonly searched for and by staff and ward.


Support for the App

The app was funded by the NSW Government Jobs for NSW Minimum viable product grant and tested extensively at Bathurst Base Hospital and Orange Health Service to help MedWhere assist hospitals in treating patients faster and deliver improved outcomes.

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