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Gives families and individuals with 22q the opportunity to store and share their medical profile and control their medical reminders, such as for appointments, medications, physicians and much more.

Reminders are synced with Google calendar

Available for iOS and Android and at https://www.22q.org.au/22q-coordination-portal



Individuals and families with 22q may desire to organise and control their own activities and medical records to improve their independence. By creating a mobile app, people are able to manage these events far easier through being more accessible.

In 2017 the 22q Foundation Australia & NZ began development of a 22q patient coordination web portal and app.

Although there are 22q specific clinics across the globe many people do not have access to them. Services are often accessed across multiple disciplines in multiple locations and often the different teams may not communicate with each other making coordination difficult and time-consuming.



The 22q app encourages independence for those with 22q in adulthood. They are able to control the reminders regarding their health such as for appointments, when to take medication, records, therapists, physicians and assessment.

Family members may also have access to the app as well as they may be an emergency contact, or could be used to set up another account.

22q allows the user to perform a number of activities including:

  • Set up a list of medical, care and treatment centres.
  • Set up reminders for events, activities, meetings etc. through notifications.
  • Create a list of relevant information regarding their health.
  • Send their own personal medical profile to anyone with the use of email.


Praise for the app

The app was presented at the 11th Biennial International 22q11.2 Conference.


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