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JetLag FreeJetLag Free App

Helping travellers to quickly and easily adjust to new timezones and prevent jetlag symptoms using an innovative technique based on traditional Chinese Medicine.

Shortlisted in the 2016 World App Design Awards.

Available on iTunes.



Jet lag is a result of taking your self from one timezone into another too quickly for your body to adjust. When you add travel fatigue, dehydration and altitude associated with travelling on airlines it can leave you feeling unwell for days. Our app entrepreneur client developed an innovative technique to solve this problem and asked Appiwork to develop it into an app for iOS.



A native app for iOS phone and tablet that allows the user to select their place of origin and destination and then follow the simple instructions within the app. The app calculates how many timezones you will be travelling through to give you accurate instructions to recalibrate your body clock to the timezone of your destination.

The app provides regular reminders, clear instructions and images to help you perform your JetLag Free treatment.


shortlist75Praise for the app

“I travel a lot and often suffer from jet lag so I decided to try the app JetLagFree. It was fantastic so I thought I would share my story. Obviously its a long trip to go to America so I had the app on when I was on the plane. I followed the prompts, and when we got to America I felt fantastic. We hit the ground running. we did it all in one day – Disneyland, Santa Monica, Beverley Hills and by 10pm I was going to sleep. I slept perfectly and woke up the next day and headed off to Las Vegas. I felt fantastic. I can highly recommend this app for anyone to try and enjoy your travel journeys.”
Karla, Macquarie Medi Spa, Bathurst Australia


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