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NSW Farm Tracker – Helping record farming conditionsnsw farm tracker phone

Assists the NSW Government overnment in recording drought conditions across NSW.

Monitors different areas of farms or paddocks through photos.

Compatible with iOS, Android and online.



The NSW Government needs assistance in recording the conditions of farms within NSW. Different regions throughout the state are experiencing different weather conditions and this is affecting the land differently. Farmers are undergoing different situations and some require more assistance than others.



NSW Farmtracker allows users to record the conditions of areas on their farms and compare them against each other. These records help inform the NSW Government so they may assist farmers with the drought.

The app lets users keep and manage a photo diary of the farm, or regions on the farm, over a period of time. They may monitor the same region for many years where the report to do so only takes a few minutes.


Farm Tracker is a simple tool that farmers can use to record seasonal conditions, taking the hassle out of record keeping. Farm Tracker allows you to:

  • Complete a simple crop, pasture or animal survey
  • Keep and manage a photo diary of your farm
  • Monitor the same paddock over many years
  • Reports can be completed in a few minutes and they are synchronised with a personal database as well as the statewide database when within mobile or wi-fi range.


Praise for the app

The app NSW Farmtracker was developed for the government with the Department of Primary Industries.

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