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operations invoicing timesheetMendizabal Container Solutions web app

Gold winner in the 2016 World App Design Awards – Business Operations

Fred and Gabriel Mendizabal, directors of Mendizabal Container Solutions (MCS) contacted Appiwork to create a better way for them to collect, assess and action subcontractor time sheets and invoices and then use them to accurately create client invoices.

The MCS web app has made them one of the most efficient companies in the Australian transport industry.

Its faster, easier, more accurate and everyone gets paid the right amount on time!


Business Need

The outsourcing of labour and resources to complete projects is a trend that is gaining momentum within Australia’s transport industry.

Keeping track of invoices and time sheets relating to these projects can become increasingly difficult as the number of subcontractors or employees is increased. If there are multiple projects occurring simultaneously, this can also create confusion and add to the difficulty of keeping track of project related expenses.



The MCS web app allows MCS subcontractors to submit work items electronically on the job via their mobile devices or at home/office on traditional computers.

MCS administrators create jobs for subcontractors to choose from, and can approve or deny their submitted work items. At the end of the week, the MCS admin can automatically generate tax invoices for subcontractors as well as for clients.

The web app is completely customisable, and allows for itemised invoicing as well as the ability to create and book jobs all within an online portal.

Subcontractors are able to login and view any upcoming projects or tasks they are required to undertake, as well as receive a debrief of the scope of works, any WHS requirements relating to the job site, and any other site specific information they may require – such as first aid kit locations or visitor sign in points.


app awards goldPraise for the app

The web app won Gold in the 2016 World App Design Awards in the Business Operations category and feedback from subcontractors and MCS administrative staff show that the web app is making a clear improvement to accuracy and timeliness in invoicing and payroll activities


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