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Track livestock location, movement and activities.

Ongoing collection and real-time sharing of data.

Second place in the 2018 National Challenge pitch competition at the Royal Melbourne Show.

Available for iOS and Android



It is difficult to track where livestock are located and where they travel at points in time. A mobile solution that will work in remote paddocks and rural areas is needed to record the real-time movement of livestock.



MyPocketMate Stock Keeper continuously collects data on the movement of livestock. It is able to track their location, movement, activities and much more.

Allows for the real-time sharing of information between team members and ongoing communication and engagement. Provides powerful dashboard so tallies can be checked by all members, as well as paddocks and stock type.

MyPocketMate is able to save and record relevant data and show this in an appropriate form such as a line or pie graph. These records can then be kept for future use to look back on.


Praise for the app

MyPocketMate Stock Keeper received Second place in the 2018 National Challenge pitch
competition at the Royal Melbourne Show.Mypocketmate photo


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