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Well DoneTimersWell Done Cooking Timers

Silver winner in the 2016 World App Design Awards – Home and Living

The perfect tool for any passionate foodie or professional chef with 12 independent timers, each with their own customisable names and sounds.

Available on App Store for iPad and



Eric Dunn (Dunnsmart Technology) is an avid home chef/foodie who loves to cook for his friends and family.

Cooking a dinner party meal is a peculiar environment, unlike cooking for the family or cooking in a restaurant. Eric wants to cook the perfect gourmet meal, but is constantly interrupted by friends wanting to chat. He often leaves the kitchen and can easily miss hearing an alarm go off. It drove Eric crazy to go into the kitchen to find the alarm had gone off with no idea how of much time had passed since it went off! Or, just as bad, he’d go back to the kitchen after an interruption and couldn’t remember what time he set the timer to because it’s now running!

Eric looked long and hard for a solution, and couldn’t find anything that covered all the bases.



  • A cooking timer app for iPad with
  • At least 12 timers
  • The amount of time that has elapsed since the alarm sounded
  • The initial timer setting always displayed
  • See the status of all the timers at once
  • Name the timers
  • See the finish time in real time
  • Large easy to hit buttons (even with your elbow)
  • No adverts


silver75Praise for the app

“Now that we have the timer, it has transformed the kitchen, I’m so much more relaxed when cooking, I can set it on the fly or pre-set it for the complicated meal and see at a glance how everything is going. Everyone who’s tried it loves it, and we have some professional Chefs who are going to trial it in their Restaurant kitchens. We use it for so many other things too, like the exercise workout, the 20-minute Nap, remembering to get the laundry in before going out and so much more.”



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