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Built as native iOS and Android apps, the Emergency Pharmacology Guidelines is a recommended academic text for second year paramedic students in Australian and New Zealand universities.

Available on App Store and Google Play



Paramedic students in Australia and New Zealand need to know which drugs to give in emergencies.

The new Emergency Pharmacology Guidelines app is a joint project between Paramedic Lecturer Matthew Caffey from Charles Sturt University (CSU) and Bathurst-based app development company, Appiwork.

“When I first starting teaching paramedic students at CSU, I found there were was gap for paramedic education in pharmacology,” explains Matthew.

“There were no texts or reference guides available that described the necessary information about the core Australian paramedic medications that are given out every day to patients in Ambulances. I published the Paramedic and Emergency Pharmacology Guidelines booklet and it is now recommended text for second-year paramedic students. The app takes this information to the next level by making the information much more accessible with more search functions.”



A mobile app for students.

  • An A to Z list of more than 90 common emergency medications.
  • Search of medications by indication.
  • Single page charts containing the medication’s class, mechanism, simple pharmacokinetics, indications, contraindications, side effects, precautions and facts, common preparations and dosage ranges.
  • Appendixes of regular prescribed medications, trade names, checklists, indications, abbreviations and formulas.


Reviews by paramedic students at Charles Sturt University

“This app is an excellent addition to the printed book. It will make learning drugs more efficient and readily available.” Toby Shroot

“Great app, works well.” Stephen Reid

“Easy to use and can bring it anywhere! Awesome!” Hayley Thompson

“After using the hard copy of this book for uni and finding it very useful, I will enjoy having this as an extra resource for practice.” Tyler Nixon

“Omg this was such a great app! So simple and easy to use!” Ramana Waran

“Great for students! Hope the app does well!” Oran Abeyewardene

“Great app. All paramedic students should use one.” Kai Norman

“Easy, simple and the info you need.” Rowena Cunningham

“This app was very informative and easy to use. It will be extremely useful in the future.” Chris New-Tolley

“Great app for Australian pre hospital medicine.” Tessa Cameron

“I really like the new app. It’s got a really good layout and I like how you look at indications and it tells you what drugs you can give.” Mitchell Hayes

“Thanks for the great app!” George Jenkins.

“Very practical. I have the booklet this app is based on and I find this easy to access, practical and it is kept up to date with the latest information.” Michael Tan



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